The drizzle is floating like dust, the willows by the lake are like the hair of a newly bathed girl, dripping with crystal clear water.


The door of victory is often hidden. If you push bravely, it will open.


If it drizzles, the Sun Moon Lake seems to be covered with a veil, and the surrounding scenery is hazy, just like fairyland in fairy tales.


When the little white rabbit is full, three groups of them run around on the sand like little snowballs rolling.


On the hillside, by the road, at the entrance of the village, the hazel leaves were all red, red as a fire, which made people’s hearts burn.


Spring on the earth, color began to enrich up, no longer stick to the snow white. In the forest of spring, the voice began to contend, no longer showing the cold tranquility.


Your apple is very fragrant. I’ve never seen such a good apple.


The forest woke up, combed its hair in the morning wind, and busily wiped the rosy morning glow on its face.


The long tail of the little black cat sways like a whip.


The peacock flies like a beautiful green cloud, flying over the top of the mountain.


Originally, life is so cruel, too many beautiful things can not stand the test of time.


This is an ordinary apple. One side is red, red is yellow; the other side is yellow, yellow is red.


The melting ice water wakes up the stream, which is full of energy and rushes forward, noisily spreading the news of spring to all directions.


It’s said that such a day is a good time for spring, but I can’t, I can only talk with the clear mountains and the scattered clouds with my imagination!


I read greedily, like a hungry lamb breaking into the green grass.


She stood up and answered so accurately, naturally, fluently, as if she had been prepared.


All over the sky, the stars are like pearls sprinkled in the jade basin. They blink, hide in the clouds and come out again, as if they are playing hide and seek with me.


These falling leaves are like colorful petals scattered by fairies.


Early summer sunshine from the dense layers of branches and leaves transmission down, the ground printed with the size of copper money sparkling spot.


A bowl of fragrant wonton with green spinach, red radish, yellow egg and black laver. It’s mouth watering.


Only if you plant your own food can you have endless food. Only by studying hard can we get a good final exam.


The leaves like small fans make up a big green umbrella, which covers the sun tightly and gives people a shade.


When the stars are reflected on the rough sea, they dance up and down with the waves. They are now gone.


The spring breeze is blowing gently, the drizzle is moistening quietly, the brown buds on the elm are turning into soft yellow and green yuan qian’er.


In the morning, the sun, like a new daughter-in-law who had just left the house, showed half of her face in shame.


This time I learned a truth from the bullfight game: to win by wisdom. Only when we are calm and calm can we win every battle.


A child ran to his mother, took the heavy bucket in his mother’s hand, and carried it away.


On the surface of the water, there are a group of ducks under the black pressure. Their brilliant feathers float like a bunch of wreaths in the afterglow of the sunset.


The pines on Mount Tai look like a sword eyebrow on a man’s cheekbones.


Vaguely remember that year, you were shining in the sun, my skirt was flying, I was walking on the street, you were riding a bicycle, a ride for you, let the whole winter no longer cold.


The black bull is fierce and fierce. His eyes are as big as table tennis, red as fire, two sharp corners on his head, and sharp as a blade.


There was no sound in the room. It was so cold that you could hear the ticking of the bell.


The honeydew melon blushed, so he had to ask the teacher Xinlan for advice.


In the afternoon, when school was over, the north wind was still howling, hanging on my face like a knife cutting; the snow like goose feathers was still falling, but the earth could not leave him.


A person traveling, regardless of the complex trivial, free to experience a city, a story, leaving a piece of laughter.


Because of the firm faith of the reef, it arouses the spray of the brocade; because of the pursuit of the sublimity of youth, it is gorgeous and colorful.


This sentence seems to be a warm sunshine on my heart, soothing my injured, young heart.


In the most beautiful starry night, there is no floating cloud in the sky. The dark blue sky is full of stars like diamonds.


The coconut leaves are like long feathers. When there is a wind, the shadows of the trees are whirling. When there is no wind, they are elegant and beautiful.


The feathers of the Golden Rooster are colorful and shiny, just like wearing a grand dress.


The round buds on the sycamore tree in France have spread out like lilac trumpets.


The sky is full of red clouds, the sea is full of gold waves, and the red sun is like a furnace of boiling molten steel, which is spewing out, and the gold is shining.


Grandpa dongse sent away the cold of the earth, and spring girl came to the world with light steps. The scenery in spring is very beautiful, just like a vivid picture.


The clear lake reflects the blue sky, white clouds, high mountains, red houses, and is extremely beautiful.


The children there are looking forward to you playing with them!


When the sun set, its extraordinarily strong light came out from the top of the trees, and it dyed white clouds and green mountains.


The child’s face, like a black tiger’s head, has a pair of big eyes like a bronze bell, which is very spiritual.


The bird is so fat that its whole body looks like a fluffy ball.


Pomegranate ripe, they one by one bloom doll like lovely round face and smile, competing to report the good news of maturity to people.