Has been cool, I have grown up, learn to smile, learn to be strong, learn not to shed tears, but still learn not to forget him.


You are aura, I am stupid; you are delicate, I am rustic; you smell, I am angry; you are angry, I am angry. Everything is only for you.


Look at the sky, the sun and the moon, silent; the mountains and rivers, for generations; just like in my heart, you never leave, never change.


We may be able to love two people at the same time and be loved by two people. Unfortunately, we can only stay with one of them.


Don’t forget to bloom. That’s the dream you have when you are a seed.


For your good, I will think about it. Your poor, I choose to be dumb.


Love, this is not a heart to beat another heart, but a spark that the two hearts strike together.


Communication between people is the most important. Don’t expect others to be able to measure you.


Persistence is to courage, as the wheel is to lever, that is the eternal renewal of fulcrum.


We can give up the fate that is no longer brilliant, but don’t give up the youth that you once raised.


Happiness is walking with your lover. Happiness is eating your mother’s favorite dishes. Happiness is the children’s turning around your heels.


I hope we can not send you home in the future, but we will go back to our home together!


Time is indifferent to memory, and it is strange to save.


Those who have not stood in wait will not know how to bend their legs for a long time.


Whose love palace is built with virtue, walled with wealth, shined with beauty, and roofed with glory, is the happiest man.


As long as you dare to bet on my future happiness, I dare to spare my life to accompany you to the end and never let you lose.


The struggle for happiness, no matter how hard it is, is not pain, but happiness, not tragedy, but drama.


If a person loves you or does not care about you, you will feel it. Do not deceive yourself, do not force yourself.


In this tortuous secular world, it is also a realm to learn to treat everything around with an ordinary heart.


If you know how to cherish, you will find that you gain more and more, if you pursue ignorantly, you will find that you lose more and more quickly.


I am self willed, I am stubborn, I am mean, I am jealous. But if I don’t love you, who cares so much.


Nobody can add or subtract love and figure out how long and how far it will take us to find him.


Those who know delicious food will not eat steak fully cooked; those who know love will not promise everlasting.


If you can hold something up and put it down, it is called weight lifting. If you can hold something up but can not put it down, it’s called weight bearing. Unfortunately, most of people are bearing heavy burdens when they are in love.


To the world you may be one person, but to one person you maybe the world.


One yard code, self ideal is always in the first place.


Allow me to build a beautiful cottage in your heart, never mind others say it is illegal.


Always in the torn moment, it can reflect its unforgettable beauty.


If one day, I can’t continue breathing, it just means that my world lacks air, or you.


Emotional wounds are hard to heal. Even if the wound is healed, a brilliant scar will be left behind.


You must never abandon me. You are the first person I love and the only one I love.


From now on, Ansheng is a bright and kind-hearted child. He knows how to work hard and starts to live a good life.


If anyone seeks, no woman in the world is floating. Because of this, women will be so fascinated.


In this lifetime, I don’t need much, just a bowl of rice and a cup of tea, but I hope the rice is made by you and the tea is made by you.


A person in love can step on the cobweb that drifts in the wind without falling. Illusive happiness makes his soul float lightly.


If you want to be loved by others, you must first make yourself worthy of love, not one day, one week, but forever.


You are the distant place that I can not expect. I am the humble you can touch.


Be the first person to wake you up in the morning and be the last person to watch you fall asleep at night.


Happiness is just pulling the right hand, even if you lose the sense of direction, but still don’t be afraid.


I just want to find someone who can bear my tears when I’m disappointed and let me bite my shoulder when I’m happy.


If you have the ability, take care of yourself, or let me take care of you honestly.


Some people will not forget, because no willing to; some people must forget, because it is not worth it.


If a woman puts on a pattern in front of you, she will like you.


When I like you, I am dumb, I dare not talk to you, I dare not face you.


When I like you, you can wave. I can wait. When I don’t like you, you wave me more waves.


Sometimes, it’s just to hide away from love. Evade is the figure, can not hide is the silent feelings.


The most sad thing in the world is that I will not fall in love again, but lose the strength to go back to love.


I’m really afraid that what I give you is my heart. You still have my knife. Friendship or love.


Since love, why not say something, and some things lost, it will never come back!


You will meet such a person, you touched him, he moved you.


I want everyone to know my humble feelings and desires, so I mentioned my pen.


In this age of sentimentality, dear, at best, it is a hello.


Time takes away innocence, dilutes feelings and destroys dreams.


Emotion is so wonderful, always do not believe in love at first sight I began to believe: love at first sight is the soul of love.


If one day we can’t be together, please put me in your heart, I will stay here forever.


It’s snowing outside the window, making a cup of coffee, holding it cold, then I know I think of you again. How can I expect you to understand?


The deepest love is not necessarily the most suitable for oneself, but the most suitable one is not necessarily the deepest love.


If you give me the same as others, I would rather not.


Leave, let everything become simple, let all have reason to be reforgiven, let us go back.