Youth is the rainbow of the horizon, fleeting, but very beautiful; Youth is the fog of the morning, hazy and implicit, but suitable for wandering; Youth is a mountain stream, beautiful and soft, but often drifting.


Youth is silent, but it glows with vitality, flowers are silent, but it emits fragrance, spring rain is silent, but it moistens the earth.


Some people miss it and can never go back to the past; some people will never be together even if they meet, these are a kind of deep-seated pain.


Youth is accompanied by dreams, such as poetry, such as songs, pursuing the glimmer of dreams, even if the front is full of thorns, it still has to go through both storms and never give up.


Some of the things that we can’t bear to put down are actually so insignificant. He may be right. I love him not, but my imagination of love. Now, I am in love with this place.


The paper is a little worn and a little blurred. But every sketch, every trace, seems to record thousands of years of miss.


Only the reincarnation continues to rotate, the sun rises, the moon falls, the plants wither and flourish. Who said: Time is still there, we are flying.


Our life is to be reborn in a position of constant departure. For some calls from the heart that can only be perceived by oneself, walking on the road can not stop.


Butterflies are drunk with flowers, but they fly with the wind. Flowers dance and shed tears. Flowers cry and petals fly.


Rather than being fearless, it is better to use the ups and downs of the pen and ink, well sprinkle a magnificent freehand life, the past years, as a magical dream, this past years, the good times are still the same! uuuuuuuuuuuu


So go crazy! In the most beautiful years! Youth will eventually decay, time is fair to everyone, who has only a few years of fresh, who can not afford to lose.


Is that fading youth so vague and so clear an episode in my life? It’s so far out of reach.


Sigh, time is like running water, time flies by in a hurry, all kinds of past can only be remembered? Once we are the most heartfelt, so also the happiest, once.


Youth is not a time of life, but a state of mind; youth is not a peach face, red lips, soft knees, but a deep will, a grand ideal, a burning emotion; youth is the source of life in the constant flow.


We are young, we are the stars in the night sky; we are uninhibited, we are the eagles in the sky.


Youth is the beginning of a lush life in that spring. Youth is an unforgettable past. Youth is a wasteful youth. Youth is the heart of the backward orientation of young impulse.


Friends meet and leave again, leave again; autumn wind blows the wilderness, only for a while. I will cherish your friendship and look forward to meeting you.


I think it’s better to say that meeting is better than remembering, because meeting can only make people feel helpless grief in front of reality, but remembering can turn the fated lies into fairy tales.


Don’t sigh at setbacks, just think of them as preparations you have to go through before you can make a big difference.


Clearly there is no reason to be sad, clearly there should be full of hope to smile at the sun. But even if you don’t want to say a word, you are too lazy to do an expression. Smiling gently is a drain on energy.


Youth runs through the rainbow, courage overwhelms cowardice, enterprise overwhelms safety. Such vigor is found in the post-twentieth generation, and more in the sixties. Age increases, not ageing; ideals are discarded, and old age falls.


The world is yours and ours, but in the final analysis it is yours. You young people are full of vigor and vitality, when they are prosperous, like the sun at eight or nine o’clock in the morning. Hope rests on you.


Youth in hand, the direction of life’s three forks will gradually clear; Youth in hand, the true meaning of the fate symphony will also emerge.


Youth is a transparent sadness. When you really experience youth, you will know how much sadness youth is full of, how rough the road of youth is, and what you really want in this season of youth is to escape.


Time is the most open and reasonable. It never gives more to anyone. Hard-working people can call time for string of fruits. Lazy people can give them time with white hair and empty hands.


Youth, ah, is the happiest time, because its front is the bright and magnificent road.


This is youth: youth full of strength, expectation, volunteer, aspiration to seek knowledge and struggle, hope and confidence.


One more setback in life, one more insight into life; one more fall in life, one more experience of struggle.


Years of youth, age of impulse. What kind of book is this? Who can really understand the meaning of the word "youth"? Are you frivolous? Yes, whose youth has never been frivolous?


Youth, like a plum tree, is so strong and so fragile. She is free in the cold winter and late months, and withered in the spring and March. She is unknown, but yearning for the future, full of passion!


Youth, like a rising sun, is full of vigor and vitality. On its golden face, it shows the innocence and loveliness of our children.


Who has passed through whose youth, leaving a smile; who has stayed in whose flower season, warm miss; who has disappeared from whose rainy season, flooded with tears.


There is only one way that can not be chosen, that is, the way to give up; there is only one way that can not be refused, that is, the way to grow up.


The cowardly can only hold back, the reckless can only lead to burning, only the truly brave can be swept away.


In your memory, I’ve gone to dust. In my memory, you have fossils. It’s better to send you a future postcard and listen to me tell you about the past.


Youth is a state of mind, not a time of life. Youth is not a beautiful, flexible and vigorous body, but a state of ambition, reverie and passion.


To grasp youth is to dedicate this beauty to the great world, so that it can be indefinitely prolonged and its precious value can be embodied.


After thousands of years of loneliness, you believe there is still one person in the world, waiting for you at the end of time.


When did the laughter of youth become a kind of noise, so I wandered around the quiet corner.


Among all the beautiful things in the world, there are two fairest things: youth and dreams, which are enjoyable to all without distinction between dignity and inferiority.