There is a flower bed in the middle of the tree. The flowers in it are very beautiful, with different colors. They are as pink as Xia, as red as fire, and as colorful.


I feel the bird is not free, the cage is not its home, nature is the bird’s home.


In midsummer, it’s so hot that even dragonflies dare to fly near the shade of trees, as if they are afraid that the sun will hurt their wings.


If you just pick pine nuts and don’t plant pine trees, one day, there will be no pine tree.


Outing, outing, may not grow out of the green, green is stepping out? Every year, I go to Yunmeng Mountain for a walk. When I walk, I look for spring.


There is a diamond shaped goldfish pool in the middle yard of the school. There are many little red goldfish in it. They are chasing and playing in the clear water.


If I become a mother in the future, I will care about my children as much as my mother cares about me.


When he came to him, his eyes were like rusty locks that could not be turned any more.


The old elm’s body is very thick, and its bark is split into pieces, like a large scale of fish.


Autumn girl is holding the basket in one hand, waving the golden leaves in the other hand. Autumn leaves are flying all over the sky, like a naughty child, playing acrobatics all the time.


Venice’s skiff is light and flexible, like a water snake in a ditch.


Only saw more than ten tall and large maple trees, the maple leaf is a red, like a pile of drenched flames.


As soon as the sun arrives in autumn, it casts its light all over the world. Look, the fields are golden, the fields are golden, the mountains are golden.


The sun was filtered by the cascading leaves, which turned into a light, round, gently swaying halo.


The White Swan rowed the green lake with its red fins. Its body swayed like a small boat model.


The wind chases the rain, the rain chases the wind, the wind and the rain unite to catch up with the dark clouds in the sky, the whole world is in the rain.


When the peacock opens the screen, it is like a green silk palace fan. The eye spots on the tail feathers reflect the brilliance, like countless small mirrors.


In early summer, all kinds of wild flowers are blooming, red, purple, pink and yellow, like bright spots embroidered on a large green carpet.


In the early winter, the green of the mountain has not yet faded, and there is still a little bit of grass has not been dyed yellow.


Willow branches have been bulging out the yellow buds of geese, one by one, just like the beaks of chickens.


In the future, I will make full use of what I have learned and never copy mechanically.


The water was sloshing straight. The three mothers walked and stopped. Their arms hurt and their waists were sore.


The whole body of this cat is white with black spots. It looks like a white cotton with a few drops of ink.


At the thought of it, tears crackled down.


Cowards are afraid of aloofness, wise people know how to enjoy aloofness.


Thunderstorms fluttered across the fields, disappeared in the distance, rainbow lazily put on her colorful coat, flying on the green hillside.


Leaves fall one after another, some are dancing like butterflies, some are flying like Orioles.


Black eyes, like abacus beads like dribble around.


After a while, the kite was blown away, and the children were very sad.


Beijing is so beautiful! We love Beijing, we love the capital of our motherland!


She went into the vast sea of books, such as fish into the sea, forgetting the passage of time.


My classmate Xiao Hong, with a big braid, is black, bright and bright. Under the thick eyebrows, there are a pair of big black eyes, which looks pretty beautiful.


It was eight or nine o’clock in the morning, and the bright sunlight had painted the leaves with gold and silver rings.


The fallen poplar, elm and locust trees stretch out their branches like charcoal to the gray sky.


Late autumn, the sun languidly hung in the sky, like a husband with a smiling face dozing off.


In the early winter, like a beautiful, noble and reserved princess, she danced her magic veil and sent chilly wind.


My piano sound is very beautiful, just for your clear singing accompaniment.


Spring has gone with the falling flowers, and the green leaves in summer have come skipping in the warm wind.


The bamboo roots are generally thick and thin, the same length, as if the same year’s sister, slender and tall and slim and handsome.


Grandma has white temples, but she is still radiant.


The mottled tree shadow is clearly cast on the path, like a piece of paper-cut painting suitable for the shade.


A tall and straight coconut tree, in the blue sky, leaves like peacock tail spread.


The lofty mountains in the distance, in the sunshine, put on the golden coat, appear particularly beautiful.


Looking at this question, my brain seems to be blocked.


Dad is a football fan, but he ignores a wonderful game. Why?


Zhang Heng’s article is also well written. Besides being a famous astronomer, he is also an outstanding writer!


Then I got on the horse and walked on the green grass. There were a group of cows eating grass beside me. I bumped on the horse and hurt my ass.


The clear blue sky is as clear as jasper.


The little honeydew melon blushed, so she had to ask the teacher Xinlan for advice.