The giraffe’s long, thick neck rotates flexibly from top to bottom like the long arm of a crane.


The duck floats leisurely, falls to the bottom of the water, and stands on the top of the waves, like a child on a swing.


In front of a pile of food, wolves almost eat as if they had taken too much stimulants, as if they had been suffering from mania, and almost gasped for air.


The parrot was dressed in a snow-white robe, with a handful of beautiful crown-like feathers on its head, eyes hey-hey, with a silver rim, but it looked great.


What a huge whale it is! It emerges from the back of the water, like an island, and its water column is several feet high.


The black dog did not roar and did not bark. He was like a knight with great dignity, dignity and sophistication, walking around the gate.


In the middle of summer, the birds give concerts in the trees all day, laughing and laughing. The atmosphere is not lively.


The seagulls are white and vigorous, showing a glory of beauty and strength, which adds vitality to the vast sea balance.


The huge Pacific storm even made the navigators tremble, but albatrosses soared in the wind and were proud of themselves.


Close up, the goldfish’s eyes are big and round, almost covering the whole face, round eyes straight out, like two big light bulbs.


Suddenly in the valley came the roar of dozens of wild elephants, like dozens of locomotives whistling together, with great courage.


As soon as the fish was dimly visible, the kingfisher kicked off the reed and flew like an arrow. In a moment, it picked up a small fish and flew away near the surface of the water.


Deer is a lovely animal with long legs and short tails, gentle temperament, yellow-brown fur, mixed with white spots, and some heads have branches like horns.


Egrets are white in feathers, and flocks of egrets are constantly on the branches. It’s like green trees are full of white flowers.


Just emerged from the larvae of the dragonfly, the folded wings, like an umbrella, all at once stretched out.


Swan’s white porcelain feathers are smooth, without any impurities. They are like a mass of ink pouring on them, and they will roll down and not touch a single star or a half.


The Black Hawk is flying in the air with its wide wings, just like a small airplane.


* when the pig eats, it has two ears, like a big fan, with one head and one head. Its eyes are staring at the food closely.


A pair of black feathers, a pair of scissors-like tails, a pair of vigorous and light wings make up such a lively and lovely swallow.


I love my Jade Rabbits. They are indispensable partners in my life.


The tail is always tilted up, tilted up to the head, he hides under the tail to rest cool.


Goldfinches are singing and jumping, sometimes beating, like a group of tireless children, which adds more interest to the quiet villa.


The earliest ones were the larks, who flew up to the blue sky facing the rising sun, flapping their bright wings and sprinkling golden beans on the ground.


The black dog did not roar and did not bark. He was like a knight with great dignity, dignity and sophistication. He squatted there motionlessly, straightening his chest with long, fluffy hair.


The owl’s body is like an eagle, its face is like a cat, its eyes are like a copper bell, its mouth is like a sickle, and its feet are like sharp hooks. It looks very powerful.


The old monkey, with long brown hair and a tail of suitable length, walked steadily as if he were an experienced old man.


The seagulls are white and vigorous, showing a glory of beauty and strength, which adds vitality to the vast sea balance.


They have beautiful faces, sparkling eyes, strong bodies, light limbs, very agile, very alert.


The lark’s song is loud and broad, and its rhythm is melodious and changeable. It sings directly into the clouds as it flies. The song seems to rush out of the clouds, so it is also called the Son of Heaven.


After eating, the little pig went into the circle and lay down lazily, humming twice from time to time, looking very satisfied.


The feathers of the golden chicken are bright and shiny, just like a gorgeous dress.


I have two ducklings in my family. They are yellow and velvety, like two little soybeans.


In the distance came the sound of chicken crowing, one after another, singing a hundred harmony, just like a fresh morning song, is greeting the arrival of dawn.


A large group of pigeons perched densely on the roof, murmuring, looking as if they had bloomed a large silver-gray flower.


A horse’s long tail drooped, swayed left and right, and its four long legs looked strong like four thick and tall pillars.


The cat’s whole body was black and white, and it looked like a mass of snow-white cotton with a few drops of ink.


Don’t look at the horse’s thin hooves, but very powerful yo, if people are accidentally kicked by it, it can not hurt it!


Fireflies fly gently, high and low, fast and slow, just like some invisible fairies, flying in the air with lanterns.


The head of a dragonfly is round, with a pair of prominent, emerald-like eyes and a tong-like mouth.


In Jinzhou Garden, there is a Beijing-Ba dog. He has golden fluff, short legs and a small body. It is very interesting.