In winter, although there is no charming spring birds and flowers, no spectacular thunder and lightning in summer, no attractive autumn fruits, but it also has the implicit beauty dedicated to nature.


The snow on the roadside and sidewalk has melted. Only the roof of the back sun has residual snow, like wearing a white cap.


Winter is cruel, it refrigerates the sunshine; winter is ruthless, it takes off the beautiful clothes of grass and trees; winter is silent, it confines the noisy and unrestrained rivers.


The bitter cold wind blows away the joy of harvest without mercy. The snow covered all the noise, but also covered the sunny mood.


The earth is white and clean, and the snow is still like willow catkins, cotton, goose feathers floating from the sky.


In winter, the earth seems to have no vitality at all: the hills are shallow, the trees are withered, the birds are missing, the animals are not heard, at first glance, like a dead picture in front of a drooping cloud curtain.


When the sun sets, its extra bright light sprays out from the top of the tree, dyeing the white clouds and the green hills with blood.


Winter has a refined beauty. The vast sky, the earth, everything is white. Occasionally adorned with several red plum, feel more unique charm. Whenever it reveals the light and pure tone.


In winter, snowflakes fall naughtily on the hillside and on the ground like crystal and transparent elves.


In the middle of winter, the north wind is brisk. Silver-gray clouds gallop in the sky. The cold current is rolling, and a heavy snow is brewing.


After a short walk, the hot air from his mouth and nostrils condensed into a layer of frost, frozen around his leather cap, like a silver helmet on his red face.


When they came to the bamboo trees in the north of the mountain, they stood firm on the grassland and the north wind blew through them. They shook their heads and seemed not afraid of the cold winter.


The artificial lake is covered with a thick layer of ice. Some naughty schoolmates are playing and playing on the lake. From time to time, laughter and laughter come from the lake.


The shops on the street have been opened continuously. I don’t care to appreciate the dazzling commodities, nor to taste the mouth-watering food, to speed up the pace, to the school to find the winter morning.


The greatest act of secret love is fulfillment. You don’t love me, but I will fulfill you. True secret love is a lifelong career, not because he is far away from you and give up. Without such sentiments, do not lightly talk about secret love.


In winter, the whole world becomes a big refrigerator. The mountains are shivering cold, the rivers are frozen stiff, and the air seems to be solidifying.


From beginning to cry, jealousy turns into a smile and envy. How did time climb? My skin is the only thing that I know best.


Winter sunshine is kind, light, comfortable, without a bit of violence, arrogance, especially if the orchid is quiet and elegant fragrance, your body is embraced, crisp.


The river fork on the southwest side has been frozen very strong. Climbing on the ice and looking down, we can see that there are many small bubbles, big and small, like pearls embedded in water.


To abandon you, just before you abandon me, turn around and give you a cold back, leaving this winter a reason not to look back, and then refuse to recall these memories.


In winter, it is a snow-white spirit, coming to the world; it is an elegant woman, walking on the earth; it is a great painter, painted the most beautiful colors!


Snow drifting with the wind, touching the skin and penetrating the heart, the girl treads on the snow with delicate eyes, elegant and fragrant hair, which is an intoxicating wine.


There are four seasons in a year. The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. When we enter the beginning of winter, the weather becomes colder and colder. It tells us that winter is coming.


When the morning light breaks into endless darkness and spreads on the first swaying leaves, the cold wind has already swept away the long-awaited warmth. People can only be armed to take the place of the sun.


The cold weather is freezing. The whole world became a big fridge, and the mountain was cold and trembling, and the river was frozen stiff.


See the vast white between heaven and earth, snowflakes falling from the sky in succession, the sun gradually exposed Phnom Penh, golden light scattered on the white snow, golden snow dazzling dance all over the sky.


The cold wind was blowing. Bare trees, like bald old men, can not withstand the attack of the northwest wind and tremble in the cold wind.


In winter, no matter what posture you display in front of us, you are the coldest, the most beautiful and the most memorable.


Snowflakes are like beautiful jade butterflies, dancing like drunkenness; like dandelions blown off, floating like flying; like small white flowers rewarded by angels, scattered and gathered, floating and long, gentle and graceful, worthy of being the masterpiece of the earth.


The cold winter has come. After a heavy snow, it has become a world of pink makeup and jade. The willow trees are covered with silver bars and the lawn is covered with silver clothes.


There are several rows of trees in front of my house, and I don’t know what kind of trees it is. Every day, these trees are all upright to accept the baptism of wind and snow. Only a few of them are crooked.


Through the window, outside is the winter sunshine, as if you were around, I closed my eyes and listened, feeling your powerful aura. It is said that there will be a strong wind today, but the wind will not come. It will still be as warm as your chest.


Little white snowflakes, falling silently from the vast vault of heaven, dropped to the ground. In a moment, the snow became bigger, like goose feather, like catkins, spreading all over the world, and holding the world together.


The wind howled, and the blizzard came. In a moment, the dark sky became a piece of snow sea, and everything was gone.


White snow, I love you, I love your purity. You decorate the earth with silver and white, and you dress the earth beautifully.


It stands proudly in winter, its vitality is tenacious, it is evergreen all the year round, it is the most popular and the most insignificant plant – holly tree.


In your life, there will at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership or even love me. Just ask for meeting you in my most beautiful years.


In the winter, the ground was frozen and cracked, and the small north wind was blowing like a knife, and the snow was flying all over the sky.


When winter came, the grass was gone, and the lawn was covered with white snow blankets. The river was frozen with ice.


In winter, when the snow grains are wrapped around branches, the branches seem to grow white pearls. If it snows a little more, it’s like covering a tree with a thick quilt. It’s a beautiful sight.