The giraffe runs up and down, swinging its legs to one side at the same time. It’s like a pendulum, but it runs very fast.


A pair of lower incisors of hippos do not grow up, but stick out parallel to the front, like two shovels.


Bats are like kites. They stretch from forelimbs, hind limbs to tails, covered with a strong thin skin film, like paste paper on kite wooden shelves.


This crocodile is a broad alligator. It wears armor like a soldier and has a long tail like a braid.


In order to prevent the bite of flies, the elephant’s two big ears are always fanning, just like two big banana fans.


The black bull was fierce and ferocious, with eyes as big as table tennis, red as fire, and two sharp horns on his head as sharp as a blade.


The frog kicked its hind legs, curled up its hind legs with agility, jumped high, and stretched its tongue, sucking the flying insects like a vacuum cleaner.


Look at the style of chicken grabbing food, disgusting, front and back paving, left and right kicking, lest they can not swallow like greedy heart exposed.


The lamb was plump and white; its curled hair was like a ball of velvet on its body.


Swallows fly beautifully. The long narrow wings and the forked tail are all painted by the wisest painter, and none of them has a bad posture.


The cat’s long tail sways from side to side like a whip.


Scorpions flutter their saddle wings on their backs, and they have to scream all the time, like a large music class, playing a melodious song together.


The golden monkey is golden in color, with long back hair, like a golden castor coat on its shoulders, with its nose tilted forward; its claws are very sharp, and it has a long tail.


The puppy was shining with golden hair as if it had just been polished with oil.


Look, this pigeon, it holds up its right wing, bends down, and twists its neck. I really don’t know how it accomplishes this extremely difficult "yoga" movement.


Crowds of penguins lined up neatly in the waves, moving forward and backward in the waves, like a group of competitive swimmers.


Mantis’s action on the tree is more intelligent than that on the tree. It’s powerful, relaxed and beautiful. It’s amazing.


The cat’s head is round, with a pair of small pointed ears. Its big green eyes stare like two small green ones.


The kitten has small eyes, red circles and grey eyes. There is an old man’s faded and gloomy eyes.


Spring arrived, and the little swallow hurried back to report the letter.


The snowstorm grew stronger and stronger, causing sheep to roll like cotton balls.


The exquisite and elegant Phoenix butterfly flies in pairs among the flowers. Its tail is like a ribbon, fluttering in the wind. Its dancing posture is really beautiful and unrestrained.


This tall horse, every part of the body is so well matched, each muscle shows strength, let a person feel so soft, so healthy at first sight.


The seagulls dived down from the clouds like lightning, and suddenly fluttered lightly like feathers as they approached the surface of the water.


Goldfinches sing, jump, and sometimes pound, like a group of tireless children, to add more interest to the quiet villa.


A pair of thrushes, wings shaking, smart little head rotating, showing a very proud and intoxicated look. The melodious song ripples in the forest like a silver bell.


Sunbird’s mouth is very strange, like a cone, sharp and long, slightly curved.


The cat’s round face is embedded with a pair of big and round eyes. If you look at it in the dark, it looks like two bright lights.


Red-crowned cranes have bright red meat crowns on their snow-white heads, like platinum crowns with a dazzling ruby.


Swans sometimes raise their necks and look like generals; sometimes they bend their necks and bow their heads. They are more elegant than fairies.


Suddenly, the eagle found a pheasant pecking at the grass roots and shook itself down like a shell.


Whether flying or walking, egrets are always calm and graceful, as if they were a girl dressed in white yarn.


Elephants have shadow-walled bodies, pillar-like legs, pufan-like ears, and jade tree-like teeth. Everything gives people a surprisingly big feeling.


A flock of sparrows flies in the sunset like flames scattered in the wind.


The little swallow’s black and bright feathers seem to be oiled, and its white belly is like wearing a white shirt.


The male wapiti is more beautiful than the female wapiti. Its horns are like two beautiful coral trees.


These fruit-eating bats, hanging upside down on fruit trees to rest, are like hanging fruit.


The black dog did not roar and did not bark. He was like a knight of great stature, dignified and sophisticated. He squatted there motionlessly, and the male straightened out the long hair on his chest.


You don’t think spiders look bulky. When they crawl along a long, soft silk, they are probably more dexterous than acrobats when they walk on tightropes.


On the top of the hill there are two skylarks flying up and down. They cling to the rock wall for a while, and then leap up into the sky, chirping, as if celebrating something happy.