With a gentle blessing and endless words in my heart, a short message sends my heartfelt greetings. Mother wishes you health and happiness.


Throughout your hard life, you have silver hair like snow, but you are still so beautiful in my mind! Mother, I wish you always young and happy!


Mom, you are the most beautiful, pure and warm part in my memory. You are the sun in my heart. When I think of you, I will feel warm.


Flowers blossom my concern, springs flow my thoughts; sunshine spreads your kindness, the breeze blows your kindness; Mother’s Day I invite you a: Mother’s auspicious!


I miss you, and I know you miss me. Pay attention to your body, Mom and Dad!


Mom! Mom! I love you! Work together and be tired together! Cook and eat together! One bed for two! Love you, love you, love you forever!


If there is an angel in the world, I believe that person must be you. If there is a long time in the world, I believe it is your selfless mother’s love. Happy Mother’s Day, dear!


Mom, you have worked hard to bring me up, and it’s time to enjoy it. Soon, I’ll come over and take you over. I’ll wait on you!


Before ignorance, let mother work, now grown up, mother’s love, I cherish in my heart all my life.


Collect every wish, every hope, and send you deep concern. In such a season, take my sincere wishes to you. May happiness always be with you.


Mom, your love is like a lump of candy, wrapped in nagging and hidden in scolding. Let me look around until I understand it. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


You are a big tree. Spring depends on your fantasy, summer on your prosperity, autumn on your maturity, and winter on your meditation. Dear mother, thank you for giving me!


Mother loves me the most. Thank you, my dearest mother! You must live a long and healthy life. It’s so happy around you!


Mother, you will always be the harbour of my soul, wish my dear mother health and happiness! The world is always so gentle, only you. Thank you, Mom!


Thank you, my dear mother, you are like my guide sign, always guiding me the way.


Mother’s Day is coming, Mom, I wish you a happy holiday, your happiness is my greatest happiness! Your happiness is my greatest happiness! May you be happy forever!


My mother spends more time like a bosom friend of mine. She feels so sweet and happy. I hope my mother is healthy and happy.


Mother! You are a clam, I am a pearl, the robbers outside come, only you, is my floating boat in the deep sea of all malice!


Everything that has passed will become a kind remembrance. Everything that has passed will be precious. I miss the time you took us through.


Dear Mom, you have worked hard to bring me up. You have more white hair on your head. I want to tell you that Mom loves you. Happy Mother’s Day!


Your love, I can never repay; your silent support for me for many years is the spiritual pillar of my positive and upward. Mom, I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!


Maternal love is a huge flame, the only force that can make death yield, and the greatest force in the world.


Have you ever looked in the mirror? Do you believe that your beauty is unparalleled and fascinating in the world, but I love your heart more than your face? Happy Mother’s Day!


Mom, you will always be the softest and warmest place in my heart. I am willing to love you with my life. Happy Mother’s Day to you!


There is only mother in the world, there is no heaven and no earth, there is no me without you. Thank you for everything you have brought to me.


Dear Mom, today is your holiday, no matter how long the time is, I will always be your baby!


Perhaps, in our life, there are many people, many things that will be forgotten after turning around, but in the depths of our hearts.


I have always been bad at expressing my feelings in front of you. Today I want to use voice and text messages to say: Dear Mom: I love you forever! Happy Mother’s Day.


Mother is courageous when it comes to her birth and the life she loves.


Thousands of mountains and rivers can’t stop me from thinking of you. It’s hard to express my gratitude to you. Thousands of words can’t describe your hardships.


The carnation in May, without the grace of peony, without the fragrance of Baihe, just quietly emits a refreshing fragrance, just like the love of mother.


Make a good wish, wish you happiness, send a wonderful feeling, wish you all the best, send a short message, wish you a smooth and sweet heart.


I hope that today, all mothers will smile from their hearts, for their children, for all, as long as their mothers are happy, we will be happy.


Mom, I want to say to you, words to the mouth and swallow; Mom, I want to laugh at you, eyes but a little tears.


My life begins with opening my eyes and falling in love with my mother’s face. Happy Mother’s Day!


Mother is not a form of address, but the warmest expression in the world. Mother, wish you health and longevity!


You are a big tree. Spring depends on your fantasy, summer on your prosperity, autumn on your maturity, and winter on your meditation.


Let’s give mothers more love and care, even a fan in the heat, and a sweater in the winter, so that mothers can always feel the care of their children.