No matter the wind and rain will never come again, let my love accompany you forever. No need to prove the commitment, my heart has already given you. I just want to be with you in this life.


I hope someone can understand my silence when I am quiet, hug me tightly when I am sad, and listen patiently when I need to talk.


There was a time when I thought I found the happiness I wanted, but when I gave without reservation, I found that it had always been my wishful thinking.


In tens of thousands of years, in tens of thousands of people, in the boundless time of the wilderness, no earlier, no later, just met you.


No one, no matter, no situation, no trouble, this is called seeing through. Know that there is no constancy, no permanence. We need peace of mind in times of prosperity and in times of adversity.


Meet, bad men make you mad, meet, good men make you stupid, meet, the best men make you children.


In this city, I always get lost, take the wrong bus and get off the wrong bus again and again. I often don’t know where I am or where I want to go.


All fit is the mutual accommodation and change of two people, there is no natural fit of two people. Two people working in the same direction, is the best love.


It’s better to keep a little clean about love, don’t start casually, don’t rush to compromise.


Some love, live in the picture; some love, live in your heart. But the most reliable and happy love is to live by our side.


If you can’t put it down, don’t put it down. If you can’t forget it, remember it first. One day you will find that many things have been forgotten.


A really good love is always an effortless love. It doesn’t need to be flattered or managed hard, but two people are comfortable.


Love a person with all one’s heart, but if love to heaven and earth into zero except each other do not want anything, in the end, just afraid to become a loser in love.


A lot of times, we said to put it down, but we didn’t really put it down. We just pretended to be very happy, and then stroked the scar in the quiet corner alone.


There are always moments in your life when you miss someone so much that you wish you could take them out of your imagination and hold them firmly.


I hope to have a person like you, such as the fresh wind between the mountains, such as the warm light of the ancient city, from morning to night, from the mountains to the study, as long as you are the last one.


So deep, but hard to say. It turns out that if you really love someone, your heart is sour, but you will not be able to speak, sweet words, most of them to unrelated people.


Cherish the people who cherish you, give up the people who give up you, care about the people who care about you, and treat the people who are good to you. Life is short, don’t waste any emotion.


I still like you very much, like the wind has gone eight thousand miles, do not ask the return date. I still like you very much, like the old folksy in the old city.


There is no absolute love and hate in this world. If you like it, you will be together. If you don’t like it, you will be separated. Life is too short. No one should delay.


Open the palm to the sky, there is sunshine in the palm, that is the smile I smile when I think of you; there are raindrops in the palm, that is the tears I miss you occasionally.


When you meet someone you like, try to love them. Those who love you hard should not care. Even for the sake of love, it’s better to have a long heart.


You see the glacier in the north, the aurora in the south, the wandering prayer flags in the West and the Buddhist scriptures converted in the East. You are not met in the world, and there is no joy in life.


Day by day, I think of you alone, night by night, I think of you lonely, and always sad because I don’t have you. I am sad because I love you. Cause me to be infatuated with you all day long, because I love you all the time.


In fact, I also want to escape, escape to unknown places, leave everything, including you, but love your heart always makes me free and easy, I have nowhere to escape.